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DeLuise Elevated Eloquence

First match of the week was The "Cintron Don", Tyler Cintron versus my new favorite Chicago wrestler, "The Windy City Kid" TJ Crawford.  Crawford let Rich Palladino know that his ring announcing work was sub-par on the intro and pointed out that the fans that were booing him had, indeed, spent their actual money to see him.  Wallbridge looks VERY familiar to me.  Apparently he is in the maintenance, or matchmaking business, or looking for a small business loan with a briefcase full of dreams.  The match was a good way to open the Elevated program.  Could've used more Wallbridge, but I gather that he's the strong, silent type.  Overall solid back and forth contest.  Cintron Don comes out on top.  3.5 out of 20 DeLuise Donuts.

Next, we turn our attention to the matter that is most personal for me.  Bryan Logan and Matt Logan.  The greatest tag team in New England Wrestling history.  Bry-guy has medical issues that are none of your business.  What I will say is this: The Mill City Hooligans are completely in disarray right now.  Everyone knows what the Hooligans are about.  Chase Del Monte is a lunatic,  Bryan Logan will punch literally everyone in the face.  Matty Ice is the cool head with the cold heart who is the backbone of the backdrops.  These three men were groomsmen in my wedding.  Without me there to remind them in person I will make my plea here.  Hooligans are family.  This is beyond the ring.  It's time to drop the nonsense and somebody needs to pour some brewskis on this bonfire of vanities.  Get back to beer swillin' in the City of Millin'.

50% of the current Tag Team Champions JT Dunn (Da One) challenged DL Hurst for the New England Championship in an attempt to be ChampChamp and also chase that illusive Triple Crown.  DL Hurst has been beating everyone and backing down from exactly no one.  He's as tough as they come.  JT Dunn is the standard bearer for New England wrestling.  JT has been competing at the highest level for a LONG time now.  This run JT is on is simply breathtaking.  This match exemplifies what Chaotic Wrestling has always been about.  Veterans taking it to young guys.  How is DL going to be considered a legitimate Champion if he can't beat the best of the best???  This match had everything.  DL was able to keep his streak alive while also sending a message to everyone in New England that DL is fo' real.  4.5 out of 15 DeLuise Distinctions.

Remember - Cold Fury 19 - Dat Coldest Fury Tho* (unofficial name) coming up on March 27th at the Excel Academy in Boston, MA.

Hope you liked the words that I typed.  If not, you're a dumb.

Until next time, may all your DeLights be DeLuise,

RJ DeLuise

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